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There are times when we attend a religious service, there is nothing expected to be out of ordinary, except to meet with God and pray. In this instance, the Deliverance Service held and organized by Evangelist Joan Blake, under the banner of The Christian Resource Network Inc. has made an experiential impact on my spiritual healing world views. For two consecutive years that I have been a part of this special worship and Deliverance Service, I felt the mighty touch of the Holy Spirit in my whole being. On the first occasion (2011), I was one of the people laying on hands on attendees who felt the need of a spiritual healing and deliverance of any kind. As I was praying with people for their deliverance, I, also, felt the need for my own physical healing. Then, I asked other fellow minsters (like Rev. Pam and Evangelist Blake), to pray with me. They prayed with me, after that I never felt the same again. I felt the powerful hand of the Lord touching me and healing me.

After that experience, I resolve to attend each year, who knows what other miracle can be performed as well. I would encourage others, to participate and support these efforts led by Evangelist Joan and the Christian Connection.

Rev.Daniel Auguste of Eglise Baptiste Pierre Angulaire Church

I am on my third year participation at the fundraiser Breakfast led by the Christian Connection. As a non-profit organization, working with very minimal resources, I’ve felt the necessity to give my personal contribution, by attending, helping spread their message of great community and social work, and more importantly of pledging by whatever amount that I can pledge. The Founder and President of this organization is a seasoned woman of God. When we met in seminary, where we studied theology together, I was amazed to have discovered her great talent, her dedication for the gospel cause, and her love for Jesus and her love to serve others. Her ministry has impacted many disenfranchised youth in the Greater Boston area. Her renewed efforts to serve in this very important area in the ministry should propel others to join with her and her staff to make a bigger difference than what she has already made.I and my church will continue to be supportive to her work, because, her work is not for herself, but she is doing it grow to kingdom of God. Rev.Daniel Auguste of Eglise Baptiste Pierre Angulaire Church.




Welcome to Christian Resource Network Inc., a network ministry spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ and improving the lives of youth, women and families through teaching, reaching, inspiring, motivating and support. Individuals who are in need of support, come together in a spirit of love and unity: to learn, share, be renewed and be transformed by the redeeming power of Jesus Christ.They are taught through support groups, workshops and mentoring, the tools to deal with, and overcome emotional and other challenges that often leave them spiritually and financially stranded. They become free to lead abundant lives, to give back to their communities, and are encouraged to remain focused, to be strong, strive to be their best, and be models for others.

I am originally from Trinidad and Tobago, an island in the Caribbean.  As the oldest of six, I worked hard to achieve my goals. Although my parents were strict with us children, I was obedient and thankful. I helped my mother with cooking, doing the laundry, cleaning, ironing and painting. In my high school and junior college years, I focused on studying, passing exams, and obtaining a job to help my parents and siblings financially. In my spare time, I read mystery novels and wrote short stories. From childhood, I knew that God had called me to interact and share my life with others..Read more about Joan M. Blake]


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